About Us

The Institute for Personalized Medicine (formerly Live Well MD) is a progressive, forward thinking practice that incorporates the art of Functional Medicine as a foundation for healing patients with chronic illness.  In a society experiencing  a sharp increase in the number of people who suffer from chronic, complex diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, depression and autoimmune disorders, people are desperately searching for answers and true healing of these and other debilitating conditions.

Functional Medicine is patient-centered medicine.  By changing the focus from disease-centered medicine which is found in most medical practices, our physicians address the whole person and not merely a set of isolated symptoms. Our physicians spend quality time with their patients, listening to their complete histories and understanding the interaction between the genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors that can influence overall health.  Our physicians are uniquely trained to evaluate areas such as nutrition, diet and exercise to treat and prevent illness.  Our treatments address the mind, body and spirit as well as physical and social environmental factors that affect the overall functioning of the human body.

By utilizing the latest laboratory and diagnostic testing available, we search for the root causes of disease and then set our goal towards correcting the underlying dysfunction of the body to achieve true healing.  No two patients are the same so no two wellness plans should be the same.  Through the cooperation of you and our physicians, a personalized blueprint for you to achieve optimal health is created.